Machine à café professionnelle : comment choisir la machine de qualité ?

Do you want to invest in a professional coffee machine for your business, restaurant…? Find out how to choose the right coffee maker for you and that will meet your needs.

How to choose a professional coffee machine?

To find the right professional coffee machine that will meet your needs, then you need to ask yourself the right questions, as we’ll show you here :

How many cups of coffee to serve daily and how often?

Everyone has different needs, so it pays to choose a professional coffee machine that best suits your needs from the various models available on the paypal’s bitcoin problem market. Take into account the production speed of the coffee maker in particular, so that you can service quickly.

What kind of coffee would you like to have?

The type of coffee you want to serve is another criterion to take into account when choosing your professional coffee maker, between a bean or ground coffee.

Bean coffee has advantages with its low cost, but you need to make sure that the professional coffee machine has a bean grinder.

Professional coffee machine

Where to put your professional coffee maker?

It is essential to measure the space where you plan to place your coffee maker and take a model with the right dimensions and which is not very bulky.

For what budget?

The last point to take into account but which is not the least, you must define how much budget you want to allocate to the purchase of your coffee machine. Without forgetting to also think of consumables in particular: coffee beans, ground, filters …

The different types of professional coffee machine

There are four main types of professional coffee machine

The professional filter coffee maker

idéale pour les entreprises, collectivités ou associations qui ne présentent pas de gros volume, et aux adeptes du café léger.

La cafetière professionnelle automatique

Avec des formats design et compacts, la machine à café professionnelle automatique vous permettra de profiter de bons cafés.

Les percolateurs de Bar

Utilisant le principe de la percolation, ce type est idéal pour les professionnels dans la restauration, café, bars…

Les percolateurs à café

Ce type de machines à café professionnelles, est souvent préconisé par les collectivités, associations, entreprises…lors de l’organisation d’événements, car ces machines permettent de produire jusqu’à 110 tasses de café.

Pourquoi investir dans une machine à café professionnelle ?

People who usually choose to invest in professional coffee machines are those who own restaurants, bars, cafes or businesses in the same way that a seamstress owns a Lidl sewing machine for a variety of reasons, including:

  • When the professional wishes to guarantee the well-being of his employees in his company in particular;
  • to have a reliable coffee machine of excellent quality, the best option is the professional coffee maker.

For an individual, it is not really necessary to invest in a professional coffee machine. But if, however, you receive a lot and consume a lot of coffee, then there are compact and designer professional coffee maker models ideal for home use.